Clean-label spices

Meanwhile, the trend of clean-label declaration greatly restricts the use of glutamate, condiments and yeast extracts. With the product line ROM S and SL, F.I.A provides you with a  variety of excellent, balanced alternatives to glutamate and coenzymes.


Seasoning is exchanged 1 : 1 for F.I.A.-ROM S/SL. By doing so you obtain a more intensive or rounded off flavour in your finished product. The dosage is 1-3 g/Kg.


F.I.A.-ROM SL and F.I.A.-ROM S are:

  • free of palm oil
  • free of seasoning
  • free of yeast extract
  • free of flavour enhancers
  • free of aromas
  • free of allergens acc. to German food labelling ordinance (LMKV, Ann. 3)
  • free of additives requiring mandatory labelling


is a balanced combination of spices on the carrier dextrose or sea salt.

consists of selected spices and spice extracts on the carrier dextrose or sea salt.

It is fully soluble in water and thus ideally suited for use in brine for injection.


Benefits for your product:

  • Well-rounded flavour of your finished product
  • Clean-label declaration – only substances which are already included in your product have to be declared
  • No E-numbers have to be declared
  • Free of flavour enhancers – glutamate, seasoning and yeast extract
  • No allergens
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