F.I.A. compounds for convenience products

The F.I.A. offers a range of soup and sauce compounds for the production of ready meals for the microwave, frozen foods and canned products which are sterilisation stable.

We do of course also offer individual custom solutions in this product group for your specific application.

Binding systems:

Here you can select from binding systems on a hot- and cold-swelling basis, for example. These texture producing components are highly diverse and include native and modified  starches based upon different raw materials or thickeners such as hydrocolloids. We provide you with the optimal functionality to suit the manufacturing technology.

Complete products:

Apart from purely functional compounds, the product group F.I.A. FIX contains finished sauce compounds.
These include both functional and flavouring ingredients and are suitable for industrial canning, commercial kitchen use and household applications.

Product selection:

Choose from the following products, for example, or give us your specific 

request for your particular application

  • F.I.A.-FIX Chilli con Carne (1016)
  • F.I.A.-FIX for mushroom sauce (1017)
  • F.I.A.-FIX for tomato sauce (1018)
  • F.I.A.-FIX for paprika sauce (1019)
  • F.I.A.-FIX for green curry sauce (1020)
  • F.I.A.-FIX for mushroom soup (1101)
  • F.I.A.-FIX for bihun soup (1103)
  • F.I.A.-FIX for chicken curry (1104)
  • F.I.A.-FIX for Asian sweet and sour soup (1105)
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