Instant marinades

F.I.A.-Instant Marinade is a new concept for marinades. To prepare the marinade, the powdered compound is mixed in water and then mixed in oil.

Your costs for marinades are significantly reduced by this composition.


Benefits for your product:

  • Cost reduction of marinades and therefore the final product
  • Water content with good flavour up to 65% possible
  • Oil/water ratio can even be set
  • Process of marinade production in-house
  • No time-consuming container handling
  • Juicy, good tasting, marinated products
  • No drying out during grilling
  • Wide range of products easily available
  • Long shelf life of the compound
  • Only the necessary amount of marinade has to be made
  • Space-saving storage of the powdered compound

Besides well-known classics our range offers new exciting flavour ideas. So you can meet consumer demand for an ever greater diversity of taste easily.

Marinade Steak

A visually very appealing red marinade with visible herbs and spices – rounded off with onions and garlic

Marinade Arizona

A red marinade with visible herbs and spices – rounded off with cumin

Marinade Western BBQ

A red marinade with touches of tomato/chilli – rounded off with garlic

Marinade Chilli

A medium-hot red marinade with touches of tomato/chilli and black, crushed pepper

Marinade Mexican

A mildly-hot red marinade with paprika and chilli flakes

Marinade Grill Steak

A red marinade with a lovely butter aroma – with visible herbs, paprika flakes and black, crushed pepper

Marinade Gyros

A very intense marinade with lots of visible herbs

Marinade Mustard

A mildly-hot yellow marinade – rounded off with garlic and crushed mustard seeds

Marinade Curry

A yellow marinade with a nice rounded curry accent

Marinade Herbs

A fresh green marinade with coarse herbs

Marinade Asia

A yellow-red marinade rounded off with ginger, a touch of garlic and black, crushed pepper

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