Preparation of fresh meat

Various compounds have been developed in-house at F.I.A. GmbH for the purpose of maintaining the colour and freshness of pre-packed fresh meat. Due account was thereby taken of the current trend of offering protective gas packed fresh meat in the form of ready-to-cook preparations.

An optimal result in preserving freshness or inhibiting the growth of germs is obtained by a uniform distribution in the meat of a special combination of various foods acids and their salts.

Usage and dosage:

The use of the F.I.A.-FRISCHE POWER product group is relatively simple.

The compound concerned is first dissolved by stirring in water. In a second step the necessary amount of salt is added again while stirring and is brought into solution – clearing up the brine. This brine is then injected evenly into the meat to be treated.

An even distribution of brine is achieved in the meat by the injection, which not only preserves the finished product's freshness optimally but also maintains its consistent colour. The amount by which the shelf life is extended depends on the quality of the meat (especially the germ status) .

Areas of application:

Since fresh meat is subject to certain fluctuations in raw materials, the fresh-keeping agents are matched to the relevant underlying circumstances, resulting in the following 

  • Fresh meat
  • Matured meat
  • Boiling meat

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