Production and packaging

Our production is equipped with the most modern mixing plant. Gentle, sealed production processes prevent any loss of aroma from flavour-contributing ingredients. Since our mixing plant ranges in capacity from 5.0 kg up to 6000 kg, the optimal mixer can be chosen according to the order. As a result, perfect homogeneous mixes are guaranteed.

To reduce bacterial burden and cross contamination, a wet cleaning followed by disinfection of the entire plant and its surroundings is carried out regularly. The measures are then checked by performing microbiological tests.

Sealed production systems, sieving when filling plant and before filling containers, metal detection of closed containers and check weighing are a matter of course for us. Equally part of our routine are batch-wise goods arrival and production control checks.


Milling of spices

The flavour-contributing components of a spice are primarily the essential oils. They are volatile, formed in the oil cells and stored in the plant tissue.

The content of essential oil is usually decisive for the judgement and defines the necessary amount of spice used for the flavouring.

A gentle milling process is essential to minimise the loss of valuable aromas. For this reason we mill our spices using the Aroma-safe method  under nitrogen cooling. Extraction of almost the entire essential oils content is thus guaranteed.

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