The trade and end consumer expect your products to meet their high standards.
This applies particularly with regard to food safety, hygiene and flavour.

We also demand of ourselves the same high standards that you face.

One supporting pillar is the following certifications:

  • International Food Standard (IFS) – Higher Level
  • ISO 22000
  • EU organic regulation (DE-ECO-005): D-BY-005-03953-BC
  • Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)
  • DE BY 142 EU pursuant to the milk regulation
  • DE BY-EUZ 107 EU pursuant to the meat hygiene regulation

Under the certification according to the IFS international food standard, seamless traceability is guaranteed from the supplier via the production process right through to the customer: one step up - one step down, so that you, our customer, always get seamlessly checked top quality products made from high-grade and natural raw materials.

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Another supporting pillar is our production which sets a standard as regards food safety and hygiene.

Besides optimal production sequences, simple and effective cleaning of the machinery and rooms was the prime objective when the production buildings were designed. Production in the pharmaceutical industry served as a model. All plant and machinery is wet cleanable using CIP cleaning.

Perfect hygiene can only be guaranteed by wet cleaning of the production plant when spice blends and additives are involved. Moreover, scientific investigations have proven that the risk of cross contamination by allergens can only be minimised by wet cleaning.

The effectiveness and significance of these measures is confirmed to us with every audit by our customers or in the course of the IFS audit.

IFS - higher Level Zertifikat


ISO 22000 Zertifikat

Halal Zertifikat 2016

RSPO Zertifikat

EU ÖKO Verordnung

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