Spice mixtures

Nature itself gives each spice an individual flavour profile. It is high art to combine them such that they round off our food in an optimal and balanced way. Only then do they give it that certain something.

Besides the composition, the production of spice mixtures calls for a high degree of sensory experience with regard to the individual flavouring of a meat product. The sensory and qualitative standardisation of the exclusive spice mixture for your end product ultimately guarantees sales success.

We offer high quality spice mixtures for every one of your meat, delicatessen or convenience products. These are individually matched to the particular end product and respective consumer expectations.

These compounds are designed to meet your specific demands and needs and thus give your high quality meat products an exclusivity to set them apart from standard products.

Your exclusive mixture, including any functional ingredients, is freshly produced each time exclusively for your products, as per the order.

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