As early as 1654, Sir A. Johnson used the term "wellness" to denote a state of "good health". Nowadays, wellness is understood as an all-encompassing health concept which, besides well-being, goes hand in hand with fun and a good physical constitution.

If one considers meat per se, it is already a wellness product – when enjoyed in moderation. Besides protein which is essential for humans, it contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

To take account or the wellness aspect, dietary fibre is used in the production of sausage products to significantly reduce the conventional amount of fat. For example, one can produce a low-fat dietary-fibre rich or dietary-fibre enriched sausage product at the same time.


Wellness factor in meat products
Some of the options for introducing the wellness factor into meat products are mentioned in the summary below:

  • Enrichment with dietary fibres such as inulin, dextrine or vegetable fibre
  • The use of nutritionally valuable oils such as olive oil or even omega-3 fatty acids
  • Enrichment with minerals such as calcium from milk, a natural substance
  • Vitamin enrichment, which is very difficult with sausage products due to the temperature treatment
  • Enrichment with aloe vera
  • Enrichment with herbs to exploit the secondary plant compounds


Individual wellness compounds

In the sphere of wellness compounds, the F.I.A. offers, for example, complete mixtures including dietary fibres and/or mineral substances. Furthermore, you can also order pure dietary fibre compounds, combinations of mineral substances tailored to your individual needs etc.

Besides the pure product, we offer you the appropriate food regulatory advice, so that you can make an optimal offer on the finished product in line with the current legislation.

We would be pleased to work with you in making up a compound optimally tailored to your finished product for the production of wellness sausage products or to present our ideas to you.

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