Corporate philosophy

More than just price competitiveness is required to survive in a fiercely contested market. In what other ways can one stand out in the eyes of customers from the broad offering available nowadays?

  • Trust and dependability
  • Exclusivity
  • Individual service
  • Flexibility and speed

The core competence of F.I.A. lies in the development and production of exclusive and individual spice blends, functional mixes or complete mixes in customer-specific packaging.



What we can do for you?

Outstanding product development – a sense for good flavour and on-the-spot service – that is our calling and mission. Since its founding the F.I.A. has placed its focus on long-term, trustful customer relations.

Consumers place the highest demands on quality and processing especially with regard to food. Accordingly, the F.I.A. also places the highest standards on raw materials and production processes to supply you, the customer, with optimal products and associated services.

We offer you products that are tailored to your specific applications and needs. That is, your business's labelling requirements and policy on allergens are taken into account as early as the product development stage. Furthermore, the F.I.A. sells exclusively products not manufactured from or with genetically modified raw materials.

Under the certification according to the IFS international food standard, seamless traceability is guaranteed from the supplier via the production process right through to the customer.

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